• UK shipping - now manufactured and shipped locally in the UK with The Plastic Soldier Company so cheap local shipping and no extra customs or VAT charges!
  • PRODUCTION TIME: for orders is around 5 to 12 business days due to massive demand (you guys are awesome! thanks)
  • RESIN for LCD: we´ve got excellent tough and crisp Resin for your hobby LCD 3D Printer now in Stock!

Shipment and Payment

We ship with UPS across Europe because we know UPS has good working conditions for their employees.

UPS is fast and reliable and we do not want to support shipment companies that might exploit their couriers, even if they might provide a slightly better rate.

We ship with Parcel.One to America, Canada, Switzerland and Norway.

This takes longer, but enables us to give you a good rate, otherwise impossible. It will take up to 8 business days, tracking is there, but usually activates only after 3-4 days.

Shipment is a flatrate. So if you calculate per Miniature, you will quickly understand that ordering more Minitatures at once gives a better rate per Miniature. That is good for you and for us.

Place of Shipment:
We produce and ship from Ilmenau in Germany. 


you either pay upfront and we dispatch as soon as our account shows that your payment arrived (as we produce on demand, this usually doesnt necessarily mean a longer time until you hold your Minis in your hands) or you pay by paypal. unfortunately paypal is not very generous in terms of fees with up to 6%. we think paypal is a very efficient way of paying and will absorb the fee as a little thank you for shopping with us.