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TGM-7 Tough Gaming Miniature Resin

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IN STOCK. Next Day Shipping Excellent Resin. Available in  1 L and 3x 1L Packs We... more
Product information "TGM-7 Tough Gaming Miniature Resin"

IN STOCK. Next Day Shipping

Excellent Resin.
Available in  1 L and 3x 1L Packs

We sell only tried and tested, excellent Resin for 3D Printing Tabletop Gaming Miniatures at home. The resin is high resolution, easy to print and really tough. With our Resin, your miniatures will survive falls from the table and other accidents. When you spent countless hours painting your dearest miniature, make them as robust as possible to safe your precious uniques from the sometimes harsh world of hobby gaming. Because while you could reprint your miniature, you dont want to repaint your miniature,... do you?

We have tested over 400 resins in the last 4 years and we haven't found a better resin that works on LCD and DLP printers and provides this quality and durability at the same time for an affordable price. Stop breaking and reprinting your miniatures today. Use tried and tested exposure times and print effortlessly. 

Since December 2020 this is the resin we use to print all our 28-56 mm Resin miniatures available in the Shop (on ASIGA DLP Printers) and also use TGM-7 for around half of our 10 mm miniatures (you ask what the other half is produced with? thats our own created resin called "meteor silver", unfortunately it only works on high end DLP Printers.

WORKS PERFECTLY WITH PRESUPPORTS OF ALL COMMON PATREONS, e.g. Forest Dragon, Artisan Guild, MakersCult, etc...

See how tough it is (Marko from Craftworldstudio helped in testing ;)):


"Can really recommend it.

I tried the grey one from Anycubic before.

It was alright but I also experienced a couple of broken Minis.

Switched to TGM7 and so far not a single problem.

It's more expensive but I believe worth every penny"

- S. Meisen


"The stuff really is excellent. I've just printed a whole undead army with it on my Sonic Mini 4k. The detail capture and mechanical properties are top notch. Cleans up real easy too with a short soak and swirl in IPA, and has zero tackiness after a quick 10 minute post cure in the UV box."
-P. Dalbeck


For print settings for your LCD printer start here:

let us know the results and we can help you tune!


What the Manufacturer says:

Fast curing 3D resin for tabletop gaming miniatures

TGM-7 fast curing resin is designed specifically for playable 3D tabletop gaming miniatures. Perfect balance between stiffness, impact resistance and flex guarantee miniatures will not break when dropped or in heated gaming sessions. This 3D printing resin allows capturing most detailed miniatures with its hard, non-sticky and paintable surface. More flexibility, less fragility.

  • MORE FLEXIBLE, LESS BRITTLE. More flexibility and stiffness ensure that the 3D prints are precise but less brittle. Combined with paintable opaque and non-sticky surface, this resin is a perfect choice for miniatures that can be actively used for tabletop gaming.
  • FAST CURING. Resin hardens extremely fast even on low powered LED/LCD 3D printers resulting in shorter printing time.
  • HARD NON-STICKY PAINTABLE SURFACE. After post-cure, print does not feel sticky or tacky and is pleasant to touch. It does not scratch very easily. It can be primed and painted with most popular paints.
  • EXCELLENT DETAIL. This resin allows capturing the most intricate details of your miniatures making them easier to paint or just use unpainted.
  • GREY COLOR. Carefully pigmented to get ideal opaque grey color. Stabilized pigment dispersion enables extremely long 3D printing sessions. There is no significant pigment settling for days.
  • LOW ODOR. Perfect for beginners to start printing at home. Gloves and open window is all you need to comfortably print with this resin.

TGM-7 is FAST!

If you have tried our AMD-3 LED resin, then you know that our resins are very fast curing. TGM-7 is around 20% slower than AMD-3, but it is still one of the fastest curing materials in the market.

Designed to work even on low powered LED/LCD 3D printers equipped with LED light sources emitting 405-420nm UV light.

For initial printing settings, drop us an e-mail to Don’t forget to indicate the model of your 3D printer.

Printing tips

For a successful print, we recommend:
– Level your build plate
– If it’s your first print with this resin, print something small first. We recommend this model
– Use support column thickness of 1.5-1.8mm, support tip thickness of 0.2-0.8mm
– Use attachment layer
– Hollow your models
– Use slower lift speeds. 5mm/min for bottom layers, 40-60mm/min for normal layers.
– Let us know if you have any trouble. We are here to help. Facebook messenger,

Cleaning procedure

TGM-7 material has a bit higher viscosity than most 3D printing resins. This 3D material should not be left submerged in solvents for extended periods of time. By all means do not leave submerged in IPA or any other liquid for more than 40 minutes. Doing so might ruin your models and affect final properties of polymer material.

If you do not have ultrasonic cleaner of prefer to clean with ordinary IPA baths, here is our easy 4 steps cleaning procedure:

  1. After taking your printed object off the build plate leave it submerged in the IPA bath for 10 minutes.
  2. Swirl the IPA bath with our part in it actively for another 1 minute.
  3. After swirling, leave it still, but fully submerged for another 10 minutes. At this point it would be wise to change IPA to clean one.
  4. Finally, swirl the bath actively again for 1 minute.

Evaluate cleaning results and repeat this procedure only once (if needed).

If you prefer cleaning with ultrasonic cleaner, we recommend to put a printed part into the container with IPA, close it well and put the container into the ultrasonic cleaner filled with water. Leave it for no more than 10 minutes. No additional heating is necessary.

Post-curing procedure

Post-curing time depends on your curing station, it can vary from 5 minutes to 1 hour (until the surface of your 3D print becomes non-sticky). You should post-cure immediately after cleaning and drying.

Right after 3D printing TGM-7 3D printing material tends to be softer than most of other resins. It is mandatory to post-cure it in UV chamber to harden the surface and to complete the curing process. As material is non-brittle, you can also post-cure with supports and remove them later. We recommend to post-cure TGM-7 printed parts for at least 1 hour (50W of 395-405nm LEDs). It is very important to post-cure parts immediately when they are dry after cleaning. Avoid long storage of raw, not post-cured parts.

After proper post-curing, surface of TGM-7 printed objects are completely non-sticky and difficult to scratch.

Other recommendations

Please also be aware of several recommendations and warnings that relate to TGM-7 3D printing resin.

* Properties of final 3D printed and post-cured objects with this material can vary if exposed to extreme conditions such, but not limited to high humidity, extremely dry air, high temperatures (>60°C) for prolonged periods of time.

* 3D printed objects with TGM-7 material should not be used for models and parts that will constantly be in contact with water, organic solvents etc.

* DO NOT leave this material inside in the resin tray inside your printer for prolonged periods of time. We learned that even with most 3D printing resins, such long storage without air circulation can lead to deterioration of coatings. This could happen when coatings that were used for 3D printer are not resistant to chemicals enough.

That is all you need to know in order to start printing with TGM-7 material. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to drop us an email or contact us via Facebook. We will respond as soon as possible.

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Customer evaluation for "TGM-7 Tough Gaming Miniature Resin"
21 Apr 2021

Unbreakable and very good for 10mm

The Resin is extremely well suited for 10mm Warmaster like miniatures. I tested some Minirat studio Halberdiers using an Elegoo Mars Pro printer with 0.05mm layer height (budget 3d Printer) and it is basically impossible to break something. I did bend a halberd about 30° and it did not break but went back to its original shape afterwards.
Also worth mentioning that the settings provided on the Ameralabs website are very well fitting. I just had to increase exposure time by 1s, probably due to fep getting slightly less transparent over time.

You can download a video of me testing it using the following link:

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