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Shadow Elves - Starter Army Deal

Shadow Elves - Starter Army Deal
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  • SE17.PcK
A 1000 Points Army Deal playable on its own, ideal for Beginners and as a foundation for a... more
Product information "Shadow Elves - Starter Army Deal"

A 1000 Points Army Deal playable on its own, ideal for Beginners and as a foundation for a larger Army.
List suggested by Paul Winter from the legendary Warmaster Podcast and member of the Warmaster Revolution Rules Committee.

"Dark elves. Command 10 and cold one knights makes them in the top tier of armies. Possibly the best in the game. Evil and ruthless they come to enslave you all"

The Package contains the following 11 products for a heavily discounted rate:

 [Let us know if you would prefer Forest Dragon Variants over Moonjammy Variants in your Order Comment]

 1× Shadow Elves - Blood Fanatics, Full Regiment

Order number SE16.S5-F1


2× Shadow Elves - Full Crossbow Regiment

Order number SE12.S12


1× Shadow Elves - Full Infantry Regiment 1 (serpant)

Order number SE14.S5+F1


1× Shadow Elves - Full Infantry Regiment 2 (skulls)

Order number SE11.S5+F1


2× Shadow Elves - Full Lizard Rider Knights Regiment

Order number SE15.S6


1× Shadow Elves - Full Bolt Thrower Regiment

Order number SE02.InD6+W2


1× Shadow Elves - General on Foot 1

Order number SE07.InD1


1× Shadow Elves - Assassin

Order number SE06.InD1


1x Shadow Elves - Witch on Foot

Order number SE05.InD1

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Customer evaluation for "Shadow Elves - Starter Army Deal"
9 Jul 2021

Elves of Darkness in HD!

These are really fantastic miniatures. They closely resemble their larger 28mm WHFB counterparts on which they seem to be based, but edited as appropriate for 10mm.

The detail is amazing, and one the table top I think they look especially imposing! (they are Dark Elves after all!)

Very glad I made this purchase, good value for money and an absolute pleasure to assemble/paint them. The quality control is excellent, with no defects at all in my starter army.

In addition to this I picked up a few other bits, like a Hydra (of course), which was also really nice as a 10mm model.

Only reason not 10/10 is the cost, but you do get what you pay for!

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