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Lizard Kingdom - Starter Army Deal

Lizard Kingdom - Starter Army Deal
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A 1000 Points Army Deal playable on its own, ideal for Beginners and as a foundation for a... more
Product information "Lizard Kingdom - Starter Army Deal"

A 1000 Points Army Deal playable on its own, ideal for Beginners and as a foundation for a larger Army.
List suggested by Paul Winter from the legendary Warmaster Podcast and member of the Warmaster Revolution Rules Committee.

"For many millennia the Lizardmen race was the dominant race in the Ancient World. Their numbers were uncountable, their technology far advanced to any other race and their use of magic without equal – Now in decline they still try to enact the great plan and will kill any warmbloods that are in the way. In Warmaster Revolution the Lizardmen army has access to a great core profile choice of Saurus warriors, these apex predators are well supported by lesser and greater Lizardmen. If you like dinosaurs then this is the army for you."

Watch this Faction Focus video by Ianmstanding to see if the Lizards are the right choice for your style:

The Items included are designed by Cromarty Forge. If you require any substitues (should be roughly equal in pricing) with "Forest Dragon 3D" (items containing an FD at the end of their name) variants of the same Unit Type, please let us know in the comments.

The Package countains the following 13 products for a heavily discounted rate:

 4x Lizard Kingdom - Lizard Archers

Order number LK01.S12


2x Lizard Kingdom - Lizard Warriors 1

Order number LK02.S5-B1


1x Lizard Kingdom - Lizard Warriors 2

Order number LK03.S5-B1


 1x Lizard Kingdom - Lizard Warriors 3

Order number  LK14.S5F1


1x Lizard Kingdom - Lizard Elite Snake Warriors

Order number LK05.Ind9


1x Lizard Kingdom - Lizard Ceratope Riders

Order number LK06.IND12


1x Lizard Kingdom - Lizard Winged Riders

Order number LK07.IND3


1x Lizard Kingdom - Heroes on Foot

Order number LK12.IND5


1x Lizard Kingdom - Mage on Palanquin

Order number LK11.IND3


In Cooperation with Cromartyforge 

STLs for home printing are available for these miniatures here ("Children of Apep"):

(they print best in our TGM-7 resin, check the resin section in the shop) 

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