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The Legendary Arcanix (and Mounted Malor)

The Legendary Arcanix (and Mounted Malor)
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  • SW10349
The Legendary Arcanix (and Mounted Malor) The relationship between the Eye-Cult... more
Product information "The Legendary Arcanix (and Mounted Malor)"

The Legendary Arcanix (and Mounted Malor)

The relationship between the Eye-Cult Gryphkins and the evil artifact itself is symbiontic, adverse and intricate.
To protect the world from its never-ending corruption, Phoenix Eggs are laid near the Eye of Tialevor from the Gryph people. These mysterious eggs, capable of absorbing its evil, hatch giving rise to corrupt Arcanix: Phoenixes that burn with a dark flame.
These legendary immortal beasts feed on Wyverns that infest these peaks, and come to the aid of the Gryphkin if necessary.

Bases available seperately.

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