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Chaos Dwarves - Starter Army Deal

Chaos Dwarves - Starter Army Deal
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  • CD16.PcK
A 1000 Points Army Deal playable on its own, ideal for Beginners and as a foundation for a... more
Product information "Chaos Dwarves - Starter Army Deal"

A 1000 Points Army Deal playable on its own, ideal for Beginners and as a foundation for a larger Army.
List suggested by Paul Winter from the legendary Warmaster Podcast and member of the Warmaster Revolution Rules Committee.

"The master enslavers Chaos Dwarves only keep their society working by fear of the lash. Combining the heavy Dwarf infantry with different options, even Cavalry and lighter infantry are represented, their army can hang with the best. All praise Hasut!" -Paul Winter

The Package contains the following 11 products for a heavily discounted rate:



2x Chaos Dwarves - Magmawarriors Regiment

Order number CD01.S6


1x Chaos Dwarves - Blunderbuss Gunners Regiment

Order number CD02.S6


1x Chaos Dwarves - Hobgoblin Wolfriders Regiment

Order number CD13.S6


2x Chaos Dwarves - Orc Slaves Regiment

Order number SW10680


1x Chaos Dwarves - Bullzentaurs Regiment

Order number CD03.S6


1x Chaos Dwarves -"Earthquaker"-Megacannon

Order number CD10.W1_S2


2x Chaos Dwarves -Hobgoblin Bolthrower

Order number CD12.W1_IND2


1x Chaos Dwarves - General on Foot

Order number CD07.IND1


1x Chaos Dwarves - Mage Hero

rder number CD05.IND1


STLs for home printing are available for these miniatures here:

(they print best in our TGM-7 material, check the resin section in the shop) 


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Dwarf FD- Starter Army Deal Dwarf FD- Starter Army Deal
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