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Vampire Lords- Starter Army Deal

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  • VL28.Pck
A 1000 Points Army Deal playable on its own, ideal for Beginners and as a foundation for a... more
Product information "Vampire Lords- Starter Army Deal"

A 1000 Points Army Deal playable on its own, ideal for Beginners and as a foundation for a larger Army.
List suggested by Paul Winter from the legendary Warmaster Podcast and member of the Warmaster Revolution Rules Committee.

"This faction is suitable for Players that favour an endless tide of expandable core units. A true horde army with the ability to raize fresh troops during the battle to win"

The Package contains the following 18 products for a heavily discounted rate:

1x Vampire Lords - Ghouls Full Regiment

Order number VL26.S6


2x Vampire Lords - Skeleton Full Regiment 1

Order number VL16.S5+F1


2x Vampire Lords - Skeleton Full Regiment 2 

Order number VL17.S5+F1


2x Vampire Lords - Zombie Regiment 1

Order number VL14.S5,F1


2x Vampire Lords - Zombie Regiment 2

Order number VL15.S5,F1


1x Vampire Lords - Vengeful Spirits Full Regiment

Order number VL20.S6


1x Vampire Lords - Heavy Skeleton Full Regiment 1

Order number VL18.S5+F1


1x Vampire Lords - Full Skeleton Horsemen Regiment

Order number VL25.S4+F1+M1


2x Vampire Lords - Dire Wolfs

Order number VL22.S6


1x Vampire Lords - Giant Batsswarm

Order number VL21.S6


1x Vampire Lords - Vampire Lord on Foot

Order number VL08.InD1


1x Vampire Lords - Necromancer 1

Order number VL05.InD1


1x Vampire Lords - Lady on Foot

Order number VL04.InD1

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Customer evaluation for "Vampire Lords- Starter Army Deal"
23 Feb 2022

Just superb!

I purchased these together with the Empire army deal and just as with that, this is an amazing start to Warmaster!
Models look just as professional as any ive ever seen and the details are amazing for the scale!

Ill repeat another reviewer in that the cost is a bit steep, but for sure the quality of the product is top notch!

10 Sep 2021

Great love from Scotland!

Fantastic Customer service and fantastic models, if your ordering from the UK it might take a bit longer than 15 days but the quality and price more than make up for it.
Highly recommend to anyone who has never bought 3D printed models before.

25 Apr 2021

Absolutely AMAZING

Really outstanding miniatures. The photos do not do them justice. I was totally blown away - I am going to be using these for 6th or 8th Edition WHFB, but of course I think the intent was Warmaster being 10mm. I just find the scale more practical.

The biggest down side is, of course, the price. Very expensive for what it is, even with this army deal and I think it prices allot of people out of the market - I would have given a 10/10 if not for the high price.

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